Notes on The Rainbow Room

To date, the sound composition currently comprises of a set of six frequencies ranging from 396 Hz to 704 Hz. The sound composition was the first to be composed for this site specific installation in a gutted 2-story bungalow in Rockaway Beach. After determining the base frequencies, I decided to translate them into color by increasing their value 40:1, in other words, raising the frequencies 40 octaves above their corresponding base. In this way, the set of Rainbow Harmonics with a base of 528 Hz birthed a harmonic scale of color, as is made viewable in the form of colored gels filtering natural light through six different windows. The highest spectral point for each of the gels is what gives it its unique color. It so happens that each of the frequencies I chose in the audible range have a distinct color amongst ROYGBIV.

The visible spectrum of light has a frequency range of 430x10^12 through 750x10^12 Hz. The composition of frequencies has its root at 528 cycles per second. Dialed up 40 octaves, that color is green. Next, we have the blue as the major third, the perfect fourth as violet. The visible spectrum of light the scale in frequencies relative to 528 Hz, the perfect fifth must be inverted to translate it into a col

The longer period of time one spends in the environment, the more they become attuned to the frequencies and the closer they are to synethestic improvement. To learn synesthesia is one of the ultimate goals of this environment. It is more than a matter of pure phase coincidence or an analogue of tuning. The sounds mathmatecally relate and are made of the same frequencies as the color, so in theory, one should be able to correlate the color to the sound, through the senses. The map is in the room; whether the senses of vision and ear can blend together to read the map is the greater question. In cross-relating the color frequencies to the definite audible frequencies all the while knowing their relation as absolute, one is able to extend beyond their relationship and re-examine the life-world.

In practice I am interested in maps. The Rainbow Room is a map in more than one way. It is a map to synesthetic mastery. It is also a perfectly contained environment and all of the elements can be converted into a basic series of numbers once they are unpacked.

Rainbows are magic tricks done with beams of light and tiny mirrors in plain sight. Of all the beautiful things in the world around us, the rainbow is closest to being purely imaginary. A just scale


Adding the 23rd harmonic, multiplying by 5

what color is the rainbow room? what is its sound?

This is not color therapy. This is not meditation. It is not a practice, it is a way of existing with frequencies. <

Here are the frequencies:

In order to get the wavelength that would provide me with a color, I divided the frequency of each calculated transposition of sound by the speed of light.

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